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Ruth Molloy

Ruth was born in Ireland and studied at the Limerick School of Art and Design and then the National College of Art and Design. Ruth's former career was as a graphic designer for television for fifteen years. Following on from a Masters in Animation at UWE in 2005, Ruth decided to take up painting and hasn’t looked back. She is now a full time artist and works from her studio in Bristol. Ruth is an experimental artist and uses different methods of painting and printing although her favourite painting medium is acrylic on board. She observes the light and shade in nature and trys to capture the sense of a place. Her love of the West of Ireland, to where she frequently returns, is predominant in her paintings and sculptures, depicted by wind blown trees and dramatic skies. Ruth has a particular interest in native bird species and their environment. Her steel sculptures are an extension of this and the shadow they create is an important element of the design.


01. 'Lobster Fishing'
-acrylic on board-
30cm x 30cm
475 euro (framed)


02. 'Westerley Wind'
-acrylic on board-
30cm x 50cm
675 euro (framed)


03. 'A Twist in the Tail'
-acrylic on board-
40cm x 50cm
750 euro (framed)


04. 'Seascape'
-acrylic on board-
60cm x 60cm
875 euro (framed)


05. 'When the Cloud Passes'
-acrylic on board-
40cm x 50cm
675 euro (framed)


06. 'Rains Clearing'
-acrylic on canvas-
100cm x 100cm
1,975 euro (framed)

07. 'Cherry Tree'
99cm x 84cm
350 euro (hanging piece)


08. 'Curlew Preening'
-acrylic on board-
50cm x 34cm
320 euro (free standing)


09. 'Curlew Wading'
-steel -
59cm x 56cm
320 euro (free standing)