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Extra Virgin Olive Oil -organic-

- monovariety -

VARIETY: frantoio

AROMA: fruity with a hint of leaves,almond, tomato
& artichoke

FLAVOUR: intense in the mouth, spicy andpleasantly bitter

COLOUR: green with golden reflects

€ 6.50 bottle 0.25 lt.
€ 12.00 bottle 0.50 lt.
€ 18.00 bottle 0.75 lt.
€ 89.00 can 5 lt.

- blend -

VARIETY: frantoio, leccino, moraiolo, pendolino

AROMA: definitive olive

FLAVOUR: bitter, spicy with a pleasent bite

COLOUR: green with golden reflects

€ 6.00 bottle 0.25lt.
€ 11.00 bottle 0.50 lt.
€ 16.00 bottle 0.75 lt.
€ 54.00 can 3 lt.
€ 89.00 can 5 lt.


The Olive Trees are over 1300 among four native varieties from Tuscany:
Frantoio, Leccino, Moraiolo,Pendolino.
Planted on a 6mt X6mt grid on the Estate, the Olive trees are pruned in a multiconical shape.
A light pruning, which doesn't shock the plant, occurs every year.

The picking is done by hand with the help of some tools.
Within 24 hours the Olives are brought to the local press which operates
a cold extraction in a non-stop plant, organicaly compatible.
The all process is rigorously controlled.
The result is a production of two varieties of olive oil containing a very high level of poliphenols
at low acidity

Podere 'Poggio al Gello', Paganico, Grosseto, Italy, Tel/Fax: ++39-0564-906025 pod.poggioalgello@alice.it